Should Businesses Still Rely on Intranet Communication?

A lot of factors determine whether a business will succeed, and open communication channels top the list. Communication within the workplace has become easier with the advent of the digital age. However, the same digital era is presenting a unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping the company in synch and driving employee engagement. Here are a few reasons why a robust intranet communication network is vital for the survival of any business.

Easier Sharing of Information

It is estimated that on average, an employee checks their email more than 30 times on a single day. This is because most employers use their email as the primary way of disseminating important company information. It is easier to have the essential company announcements posted on the intranet for everyone to see as it will reduce the amount of time spent on the email.  It’s important for your business to have solid communication to promote unity and understanding.

Managing Knowledge

The second reason you still need an intranet is that it works like the perfect resource to manage all the company’s information; intranets are about content distribution and communications. Most of the companies store their data on a variety of platforms ranging from Google Drive, Word Documents, and email. At times, it becomes challenging to sort and locate files of importance. An intranet will store all the company’s information at a central point and make it easily accessible to all employees. Human resource managers can use it to save and share information on the on-boarding process, employee benefits, and many other things.

Improved Collaboration and Feedback

If you want your employees to use your intranet well, you need to pull them in by creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The best intranets have social features like mentions and comments, easy sharing of documents, and notifications. When there is a project which involves everyone, the intranet provides a platform for real-time document editing, which brings in the right people at the right time and keeps all the feedback and contributions in the proper context.

Developing Culture

Other reasons to invest in good intranet is their ability to help you create engaging content to share with everyone on the platform. When you have an intranet for your workplace, you develop a culture of transparency where everyone clearly understands what is happening within the company. A transparent culture in the workplace drives positive employee engagement and increases your company’s bottom line. As long as you have a quality intranet in place, digital communications within the company will not be hard to handle.

Remember to Recycle

Regardless of whether you decide to go with intranet communication or not, many times with changes in technology in businesses, there are at times a lot of electronic waste produced. Remember that, just as paper can be recycled, electronics can be as well. If you decide to replace some of your equipment for whatever change you might considering, be sure that it might be recyclable. Mainframes, cell phones, networking equipment, fax machines, copiers, desktops, printers, monitors, and laptops can all be recycled and should if you have a recycling company near you to do so. With all the added benefits in intranet usage and communication, it’s definitely worth a shot. If you’re interested in learning more about improving business practices such as SEO and marketing, check out our blog. References

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