How to Rank in Google maps 2020

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I know your time is valuable. So I’ll cut right to the chase. If you not in the Google three pack, You’re leaving money on the table. Money that’s being scooped up by your competitors. Any business that has a fixed location will benefit from showing up in the Google map pack. One of the main advantages of showing up in the 3 pack is that  people from other neighborhoods will be able to locate and visit your business without asking for directions or getting lost trying to kind you.


The Google three pack ( image below) is the Google approved recommendation of the three best businesses for a particular service in a given area. Also referred to as ‘GMB’ Google My Business.

How to rank in Google Maps 2020

start with the list below

How Do I get listed in the 3 pack

The first step is to claim your Free Google maps listing. If you haven’t already done this do it now! ( Whats not to like about “free”)

But sadly, just having a Google maps listing does not automatically transport your business into the 3 pack maps listing.

If it was – every business would be there right? wouldn’t they?

‘Cracking the code’ to the three pack to the three pack involves more than, the company name, address, phone number, images, citations and reviews.

It requires precise technical knowledge of what elements the Google algorithm  is looking for.

Now, if you are thinking I’m going to say: “We’re SEO experts and we can help you get into the 3 pack/GMB” – You’re half right.

We are SEO experts. Here at FNS Global Ventures, we have been helping businesses gain an unfair advantage over their competitors since we have been testing and testing techniques that help businesses consistently get featured in the 3 pack.

But as far as helping your business get into the 3 pack that is a “maybe”.

Our Offer to You Should You Choose To Accept


A FREE, No Obligation, No strings, No pitch, No follow up call evaluation of your business.


Click the contact link below and tell us about your business, Keep your information short and on point, Things like:


                                                           All about your SEO efforts ( if any has been done for your business)

                                                           What type of advertising drives the majority of your leads

                                                           Your marketing expectations


We’ll take a few days to research your data, then we’ll get back to you with a solid “YES” or “NO”

If that reply is “YES”, and we hope it will be, You have 3 choices.


                                               1) (try to) Do it yourself

                                               2) Hire another SEO Agency

                                               3) Hire Us.


Either way the ball is in your court, Fair enough.


Okay – Now hit the contact Us link and send us the  information that we have requested. Waiting to help you.

Google’s algorithm is always changing. But what will never change is the fact that a Google recommendation for your business is  money in the bank.

Take a minute to find out how to rank in Google maps 2020

Begin the new year leading the competition.

Businesses that have had great success with Google Maps 2020 are listed here:

Bakeries-Dentists-Doctors-Chiropractors-Hardware Stores-Fast Food Establishments-Opticians- Small Repair Centers-Novelty Stores-Stationary Outlets-Emergency Mechanical Repairs-Appliance Centers-Computer Repair Shops-Electronics Stores-Furniture Shops-Tax Auditors-Health Centers-Clothing Boutiques just to name a few. If you have a business and it has a fixed location, being listed in the  Google 3 pack maps will give you an advantage over your competitors.