How to Leverage Digital Assets to Facilitate Sales Success

Are you looking to increase your brand’s revenue? Unless you are drop shipping with short term goals and a quick exit strategy, your business needs to build a brand identity and play the long game. Read on to learn how to leverage digital assets to facilitate sales success.

Marketing Automation

Automate your email marketing to create more leads for your sales team. In addition to specific duties, your marketing and sales teams should be working together towards a common goal to generate more revenue for your business. Your marketing team can use the email marketing software to track your lead’s progress within sales funnels, and account for customers who have not opened their emails or purchased from you. Together, your sales and marketing teams decide how they want to use this information. Your sales teams can follow up with these customers through carefully designed automated campaigns or use a more personal approach. According to The Mezzanine Group, 78% of marketers believe that automation has improved their revenue, making it well worth the investment.

Digital Content

Digital content is made up of many elements and serves many purposes. Primarily, digital content creates an audience and collects leads before you launch a product. The job of your content is to entertain, create value through education, and to sell. Entertainment catches people’s attention, the educational value keeps them coming back, and both of these elements give you a platform for generating leads and capturing sales. Because selling is the end goal of your content, your sales team needs to be aware of the marketing teams content strategy. According to Solofire, up to 80 percent of marketing content goes totally unused by the sales team. Mutual access to ideas, metrics, and goals, through a centralized location, will help your sales team strategize and utilize data such as dead leads.

Social Proof

Social proof presents your brand as trustworthy, which persuades customers to choose your brand over another. Social proof includes customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, badges of approval from trusted media sources, and customer reviews. The main goal of social proof is to have your brand endorsed by a reputable outside source outside your company. For example, customer reviews are more believable when they are on a website that your company is unable to edit. No matter how hard your sales team works, other departments within your company need to use digital tools, such as these, to help your sales team succeed. Communication and cross-company support will help your business increase sales revenue. Want to see how your website is doing? Check out our free site audit!

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