How Small Businesses Can Use Technology To Grow

Starting a small business is more exciting than ever, thanks in part to the benefits that technology now provides. The evolution of the internet has given every business access to a global marketplace, but only if you know how to use technology to grow the reach of your business.

Revamp Your Website 

By now, everyone knows that businesses need a website to stay relevant, but throwing up any prefabricated website won’t suffice. Instead, it may be better to work with a professional web developer to help you come up with a unique, attractive, and user-friendly site. Above all, your website should have a blog and you should educate yourself about employing SEO tactics in your blog posts.

Ask for Reviews

In order to gain traction on Google, you should go beyond building a website. An effective place to start is with online customer reviews. Podium explains, “Google’s search engine uses your reviews to determine where you rank in the search results—if you have good reviews, your business is more likely to be favored by the search engine and show up higher on the results page.” Beyond these SEO benefits, reviews work to attract more customers to your business and reveal areas where you can improve. 

Create a Social Media Presence

Aside from your website, this may be the most important thing you can do to connect with your customers and reach new consumers. People want to connect, and they use social media to do that, so this is definitely something every business should explore. Begin by creating accounts on several sites and share your blog posts across all of them. Over time, you’ll notice you get more interaction from users on specific sites. Those are the sites where you should concentrate your efforts.

Go Mobile

To begin, your website should be mobile-friendly to ensure it will be ranked higher in search engine results. It will also make it easier for users to browse your site on the go. This among your other SEO practices can help people find your business more readily through search engine searches and with local search apps. According to Toby Scammell, “The advent of local search apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor has flipped how people find small businesses, and in typical Web 2.0 fashion, made discussions about those businesses public.” Additionally, you should keep a mobile device of your own, or several for your key employees, to ensure your business is never out of touch. The more accessible you are, the better response you’ll get from consumers.

Create an Online Store

You should add a store to your website if it doesn’t already have one. The latest studies have shown that people have embraced online shopping and prefer it to in-person shopping whenever possible. Also, by selling your products online, you can take advantage of that global marketplace and sell to customers all over the world. Again, be sure a professional web developer sets up your store with a secure and encrypted interface to protect your consumers. Just remember to follow the laws and know how they vary from state-to-state.  While there are many ways to take advantage of technology to grow your business, these are some of the essential innovations. They’re continuously evolving, so keep an eye out for the latest updates and new practices. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and expand into new territory. For more info on how to get found locally, check out our blog for more.

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