4 Technologies That Can Help Secure Your Business

In the technologically advanced age we live in, companies are continually learning the importance of protecting their data. Whether it’s the sensitive information of their customers or trade secrets of their CEO, companies are doing all they can to protect against security breaches.

Securing Your Company

While many websites on the Internet are relatively secure, there are times when hackers find holes in security. To keep your company from experiencing a PR nightmare, you’ll want to invest in the best tools to maintain your business and information security. Read on to learn about four technologies that will help secure your business.

Hardware Authentication

Using passwords and usernames only goes so far when trying to protect the most sensitive information. A better way to secure this data is to have authentication baked into the user’s hardware. Hardware authentication essentially makes the user’s device a part of the user’s authentication process.

User Behavior Analytics

Typically, when a user’s password is stolen, the hacker can now carry out any sort of behavior they want. However, with user behavior analytics, the system will recognize this irregular behavior, setting off red flags that the account may have become compromised. User behavior analytics or UBA makes use of big data analytics when identifying abnormal behavior from a user.

Remember to Recycle as You Update

While you might be adding new technologies, you might be removing and getting rid of old tech. And that’s perfectly fine. But depending on what you’re getting rid of, you (and the planet) might also benefit from recycling what you’re getting rid of. Things such as mainframes, cell phones, toner cartridges, networking equipment, printers, desktops, laptops, and lab equipment can all be recycled. Look around your area to see if you can find a company to take it all out of your hand. It will help reduce the amount of waste we as a society produce.

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit cards take online purchasing to another level. Some virtual credit cards create randomly generated 16 digit numbers on a virtual credit card can be used just once. Using these single-use virtual credit cards, or even other virtual credit cards that have various protection based qualities, companies can guarantee that their private data, as well as the details of their transactions, will remain confidential. The beauty of the virtual credit card is that it is acceptable for any vendor or seller that accepts traditional credit cards.

The Cloud

Businesses that aren’t using the cloud are missing out on one of the best technologies for security. Cloud storage allows companies to remotely backup, manage, maintain, and protect their most sensitive information. With cloud storage, businesses can store their files entirely online. While this makes companies’ files easily accessible from any location, it also increases the strength of the business’ security, reducing the likeliness of a breach. Protecting their most sensitive data should be a company’s highest priority. With these four new technologies, business owners can effectively keep their data and customer’s information as secure as possible. References: https://fnsglobalventures.org/5-reasons-your-website-needs-to-be-https-compliant/ https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/user-behavior-analytics-UBA https://getdivvy.com/resources/virtual-card https://blog.marconet.com/blog/5-advantages-of-cloud-storage-for-businesses https://www.premiersurplus.com/

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