4 Digital Marketing Strategies You’ll Need to Stay Competitive in 2019

Creating effective digital marketing strategies is extremely important for small and mid-sized businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s competitive market environment.

If you are a business owner who needs practical advice on how digital marketing is impacting business growth or how you can leverage online brand building to get more potential customers to your stores and offers, this article will break down some of this year’s most important digital marketing strategies.

Now let’s discuss the trends impacting your business in 2019.

Content Marketing

Businesses around the world are using content marketing — creating and distributing valuable and relevant content consistently with the goal of attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience, and, driving profitable customer action — to grow their brands, attract visitors to their websites and generate qualified leads.

Content marketing can be used by all types of business no matter their sector or size. With an effective strategy in place, content marketing can support customer communication across all touchpoints. Not to mention, content fuels all digital channels including search, email, and social media marketing.

To be competitive in 2019, businesses should take a strategic approach to content marketing.

Live Web Chat

Live web chat enables website visitors to communicate with a business in real-time. They can instantly exchange text messages, files, and emoticons with a sales or support representative.

Use of live chat grew by nearly 400% from 2015 to 2018. This shows your customers are using live chat with other businesses, and likely want to use it to communicate with your business as well.

In fact, 26.8% of survey respondents report preferring to deal with any issues while shopping online using live webchat.

Live chat is now recognized as one of the most effective ways to deliver sales and customer support to online users, with response times in seconds, rather than hours or days.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot topics lately.

But is the hype around machine learning and AI worth your attention? The short answer is: Yes. Advances in technology have made these two trends too important to ignore when it comes to delivering data-based experiences and improving your user experience.

Using machines to gather, parse, and act on data as well as execute tasks in an “intelligent” way will free up employees to handle high-value initiatives that help grow the business.

Visual and Voice Search

Another trend to watch closely is the evolution of search. 2019 finds search leaving its text-only origins behind. Serious business decision makers must give visual and voice search serious consideration. Visual search is a form of reverse search that uses images to locate text-based information.

With Microsoft, Google, and Pinterest invested in these new search technologies, it’s clear their impact will only get bigger as time passes.

Allowing people to interact with your business using visual or voice search makes their experience easier. It also offers you an opportunity to incorporate your brand personality and style in your responses.

Understanding these emerging digital marketing strategies will enable you to help your business reach customers whenever and wherever they’re ready to buy as well as deliver a better customer experience.

If you want to stay competitive, prepare to capitalize on these new forms of content and technology. Even smaller companies can take advantage of these trends to even the playing field.

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